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Join The Proof,
our community for
Credentialing Officers at Ontario hospitals.

An expectation of heirs. A bloat of hippopotami.
And now, for the first time, a Proof of Credentialing Officers.

Welcome to The Proof - A collective of Credentialing Officers. This is where you belong. The Proof is a community for hospital Credentialing Officers like you - Medical Affairs leadership, Chair of the Credentialing Committee, Professional Staff Leadership - come together to develop knowledge, skills and judgment, in an energizing environment.

What do Proof members get?

4 quarterly webinars in 2023:

where we discuss hot topics that impact your day-to-day work. This year’s workshops are:

  • February 27 9 am - noon: How to run a Credentialing Committee meeting (that lasts longer than five mintes)
  • April 17 9am - 12 noon: How to address chronic incomplete charting and failure to complete mandatory training without it becoming a big deal
  • September 27 9 am - 12 noon: How to address fairly leaves of absence, retirements and resignations of Professional Staff
  • December 17 9 am - 12 noon: What is a Professional Staff Association and how to help the President, Vice-president and Secretary understand their roles

Online discussion forum

Join and access our ongoing “Ask me anything” and community sharing environment

Recordings of our ask-me-anything webinars

Every month we hold a 60-minute free question and answer session for Credentialing Officers. The recordings are available exclusively to members of the Proof.

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Half the fun of joining an elite club is letting everyone know you're a member.

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How much does it cost to join the Proof?

Annual Proof membership

$ 1497 +HST

What’s included

One year subscription comes with
  • Four workshops each year
  • My online discussion forum
  • Webinar recordings
  • Sparkle and confidence in your role (priceless)
  • …and tasteful swag

First webinar begins in …


What if I don’t like it?

money back guarantee stamp

No problem: I'll take all the risk away from you. I’m so sure that you’ll love your Proof membership that I make you this promise:

Join. If at any time you don’t like the way it’s is going, if for any reason it isn’t what you wanted or hoped for, or if you’re not finding it useful, then I'll refund you in full.

So you can become a Proofer and be completely confident that the benefits will make you stronger and more effective in your role as a Credentialing Officer.

Don't be aloof – come join the Proof!